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Sliding Windows Installation And Replacement Services In New Orleans from Big Easy Windows

Add a contemporary and stylish sliding window for your home or commercial space to keep your building warm and lower your energy bills. We install quality sliding windows in New Orleans by experienced service contractors in a range of styles and colors to suit the design of your building.

You will be surprised at how new sliding windows can be affordable. We offer the most competitive pricing on sliding window installation and replacement and repair services that will boost the security and energy efficiency of your home.

Big Easy Windows is the best solution for home improvement projects with quality sliding windows that are easy to operate and simple to clean. Experience a modern look while welcoming natural light into your room.

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What Is A Sliding Window?

The sliding windows that we install in New Orleans open by sliding horizontally along a top and bottom track in the window frame. It functions similarly to a double-hung window, except that it turns on its side.

We offer different types of sliding windows that depend on configurations and sizing. They are mostly installed in rooms with an unobstructed view of the outdoors and rooms that need to be more ventilated.

Best Uses of Sliding Windows

Most homeowners and business owners choose sliding windows because of the flexibility in how they can be used. They function best for:

  • Maximizing picturesque views and natural lighting
  • Improving air flow or ventilation of a room
  • Allowing small openings or inlets for fresh air in tight areas of your building like near a kitchen sink or for a small bathroom
  • Framing an enchanted view in large rooms

We can easily and properly install a horizontal sliding window for your home or commercial building in New Orleans. You are assured that you will have a sliding window properly installed to last for decades.

How Do Sliding Windows Work?

Sliding Windows in New Orleans From Big Easy WindowsSliding windows are built into a track system that allows them to slide when they are opened or closed horizontally. A sliding replacement window will function the same way.

We install quality and aesthetic sliding windows that improve the security and comfort of your building, whether it be a home or commercial space. The sliding windows we install consist of one fixed pane and a sliding sash that glides back and forth.

The sliding sash move along a horizontal track fitted inside a window frame when it is opened or closed.

It is pushed to the right or left. We properly install sliders to make sure they function properly for a long time so that you will not have issues with our windows in the future.

We also provide sliding window maintenance services to prevent the sliding sash from sticking which can prevent it from sliding smoothly and easily.

Sliding Window Installation And Replacement Cost

A new installation for a sliding window will cost $415 to $890 per window for most homeowners. The national average is 600 to $1,200.

The cost includes:

  • Window materials (ex. frame and glass)
  • Labor costs
  • Frame type
  • Window manufacturer bran
  • Size of the window
  • Design

If you need more sliding windows to be installed, expect to pay more. Triple sliding windows are more expensive than double and single sliding windows. The cheaper type of sliding window is vinyl, which can be customized easier.

How Long Will Sliding Windows Last?

Sliding windows that are made with top-quality materials and given proper care and maintenance can last between 15 and 20 years. The length of life of sliding windows greatly depends on the type of frame you choose.

Best Frame For a Sliding Window

The most durable sliding window frames that would last the longest are vinyl and PVC window frames. They can last up to 40 years.

Are Sliding Windows Easy to Maintain?

The girl sprays liquid for washing windows - Big Easy WindowsYes. If you have double or triple sash sliding windows, they can be easier to clean when you slide open one side to clean the exterior side of the other windows.

However, the exterior side of single-sash sliding windows can be challenging to clean, especially if the windows are installed in a multiple-story building.

Another maintenance requirement for casement-style sliding windows is the reapplication of weather stripping.

This is important to prevent accelerated wear and tear of your windows.

What Are The Best Blinds For The Best Style of Sliding Windows?

Blinds are a more convenient way to cover your sliding windows.  Modern technology has allowed the manufacturing of blinds in various designs and colors.

Our expert designer can help you choose the best quality and design of blinds for your sliding windows. Feel free to scan through our image gallery to look at designs and colors of blinds which can inspire you to choose the best blinds to transform your space.

The different types of blinds that work perfectly for sliding windows are:

  • Vertical blinds
  • Linked Roller blinds
  • Sliding shutters
  • Sliding panel blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Honeycomb blinds

We can install your sliding window with the best color and design of a blind that will enhance the beauty and comfort of your space.

Big Easy Windows Professional Sliding Window Installation In New Orleans

Our professional sliding window installation and replacement services include all types of sliding windows.  Discuss with us the style that you are envisioning for your window and we can suggest the best type of sliding window to suit your building’s design and your preferences and requirements.

The types of sliding windows that we install for homeowners and business owners in New Orleans include:

  • One-fixed sliding: Consists of one fixed pane of glass and one sliding pane.
  • Two-sliding: Has two sliding panes of glass in one window frame.  The panes slide past each other.
  • Timber sliding windows: Frames are made of timber.
  • Aluminum sliding windows: Low maintenance, durable, and available in different colors.
  • PVC sliding windows: Very low maintenance, durable, energy-efficient, and looks like painted timber.

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