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Appreciate the Beauty of Nature with a Garden Windows Replacement In New Orleans

If you are planning to have a quality garden window replacement then make sure to pick the right contractors and the right materials. Big Easy windows can do the job for you and we are just around your area in New Orleans, so look no further and contact us for your garden window replacement. With our excellent service, you can be guaranteed a great glass garden window.

What Is a Garden Window?

A garden window is a window that protrudes outward from the window of your home. This kind of window can give beautification to your home as well as support your hobbies in gardening. The garden window also acts as a mini-greenhouse inside the home in its own corner.

How Much Do Garden Windows Cost?

The cost of a standard-sized garden window ranges from $1,350 to $6,500 since the installation fee is already included. The materials used will also affect the pricing of your window, plus the size also adds up to the cost.

What Are the Key Benefits of Garden Windows?

Enhance Your Glass Windows

Windows have a different purpose which is to have an opening so the breeze can come in and most windows are made of glass to allow sun rays to go through them. Garden windows can add life to your window by fulfilling its purpose and adding more beauty to the exterior and interior looks of your home.

Nice View

If you have a yard that has a wonderful view then a garden window can be a good match since you can have a clear view of our yard through your garden window. You can enjoy the view of your hard work in your yard by simply glimpsing in your garden window.

Serves as a Decoration and Guide to New Looks

The garden window is like a canvas for artists, you can put potted plants that you desire and you can arrange them according to your taste. You can pursue your love for plants even when inside your home, you can even redesign them now and then. You can showcase your plant collections in your garden window.

Perfect Space to Grow Your Herbs

Potted green plants on window- Big Easy WindowsA glass garden window is a perfect area to grow your herbs since they can still get the sunlight and the care they need besides being indoors. It would be great to grow our own herbs and consume them as well.

More Light

Having a garden window can give more natural light to your home since its structure is designed to be wide enough to make sunlight come inside your home.

Getting your daily dose of sunlight is possible if you have a garden window since they are made from glass.

Are Garden Windows a Good Idea?

Since garden windows can give you both aesthetics and help you with pursuing your love for plants. It’s like hitting two birds at the same time when you decide to have garden windows. Garden windows have a lot of benefits, therefore they are a good investment.

What Home Style Is Best Suited for Garden Windows?

Any home can be suitable for garden windows, to make it more suitable for your home then you can make some changes to your garden window setup. Garden windows can match entry doors, windows entry doors, and series big doors too so they can blend with the whole concept of your windows and doors.

Ideas for Your Garden Windows in New Orleans

Endless Options

When planning for a setup in your garden windows, there can be endless options since you can decide what elements to put in your garden window. You can place plants, decorations, or any elements that can match your present setup.

If you at not up for plants then you can still enjoy your garden windows, since it is your decision what to place in your glass garden window.

Decorate Your Garden Window for the Holidays

Wicker star hanging on a window- Big easy WindowsYou can change your setup in your garden window and match it with the holiday season. Different themes give series for every season can spice up your home and give a different ambiance for every season.

You can get specific plants for the holiday since there are plants that only blossom in a specific season.

Customizing Your Window

Apart from plants, you can use other elements that can maximize your garden window. You can use any trinkets to make your garden window get more sunlight and give a different series and impact to your setup. Windows doors ideas can also be a good match.

Great Impact on Your Glass Windows

Glass windows can be better with garden windows since you can enhance the beauty and the space at the same time. Giving impact on the looks as well as the purpose of your glass window.

Are Garden Windows Energy Efficient?

The thickness of the glass garden window can prevent air leakage, preserving the temperature inside the home. This setup can save energy by being able to maximize the use of air conditioners and heaters.

A window design tool can make the window intact so air can be contained well and won’t have leakages. Sealing your windows with the right replacement window can help you maximize your energy usage as it can be a big factor to retain the temperature inside your home.

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