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Big Easy Windows Offer Top-Quality Awning Windows Replacement Services in New Orleans

All the awning windows that we install are manufactured to the highest standards. This guarantees you the best awning windows products that will enhance the curb appeal and security of your home. We provide awning windows installation service that delivers not only durability and aesthetic but but also effective warmth retention and security against intruders.

Big Easy Windows installs top-quality awning windows in New Orleans that are stylish, maintenance-free, and energy efficient.

We offer a wide range of awning window styles to match your budget and requirements. If you’re ready to upgrade your awning windows, contact Big Easy Windows today to learn more about our services!

What Are Awning Windows Used For?

Awning windows function similarly to any other window type: to provide access, ventilation, and security. They are highly versatile when it comes to functionality because they can be installed in any room.

We install awning windows for new construction projects and replacements for damaged windows. If you simply want to replace your existing window with an awning window, we can do the work for you. No job is too small or too big for us to accomplish when it comes to awning window installation or replacement.

What Are The Benefits Of An Awning Window in New Orleans?

Awning windows- Big Easy WindowsAwning windows are a very popular choice for residential and commercial applications because of the benefits they provide such as:

  1. Optimize light and airflow:  Awning windows provide great ventilation which is better for your health and in maintaining the quality of the decor and furnishings in your home or business space. Their structure also allows for lots of natural light to enter the room. You can fully open an awning window outward to allow more air in and out of the room. In fact, you can install awning windows over the kitchen door or above another window in rooms that need extra ventilation.
  2. Enjoy fresh air in inclement weather: Since awning windows can be opened to 90 degrees or more, they provide great air circulation while preventing rain from entering.
  3. Reduce energy costs: Awning windows are very energy-efficient. The sashes are installed to tightly seal onto the frame when they are closed. This allows cool or warm air to stay inside the room. They are great for maintaining the ideal internal temperature of your home or business space. We also apply top-quality glazing on awning windows to maximize energy efficiency. You can choose to have your awning windows double or triple glazed. We offer a variety of exterior color options for your awning window. This window exterior color can help increase energy efficiency.
  4. A variety of design options: Awning windows can be applied with different kinds of window treatments without having to worry about the window sash getting in the way. They can be placed at a higher level and they open up to provide maximum wall space for art and furniture placement.
  5. Better view: You can get a fantastic view of your garden and the great outdoors of your home or business with awning windows options. With awning windows, there are no rails or bars that can block your vision. We also install awning windows in combination with large stationary windows for a better view.

If you need increased ventilation for your space, we can properly install awning windows. The opening space for awning windows is wider than the height. Thus, it is a perfect solution for spaces that may not have installed air conditioning units.

How Much Do Awning Windows Replacement And Installation Cost?

The average cost to install or replace an awning window is between $225 and $480 for every window. This includes all factors including the cost of materials and installation labor costs.

Upgrading to an awning window can improve the ventilation, style, and energy efficiency of your home and business. They are a safe and practical choice that provides the security and visual appeal that you need for your property.

How Often Are Awning Windows Replaced?

Most often, awning windows are installed to last a lifetime. When they are properly installed they can last for up to 25 years. However, they can get broken and some parts can become faulty with frequent use.

We offer awning window maintenance services that help you make sure that your windows are functioning properly. We can repair faulty parts without having to replace the whole window.

Awning Windows Options

Our team of window experts can help you decide on the right design and product choice for your awning window that will suit the overall architectural design of your property. The different types of awning windows we install for new constructions and replacements are:

Single Pane Awning

Awning windows replacement- Big Easy WindowsWe install single pane double-strength awning windows that have a great architectural design. The strong and robust single pane awning allows the breeze into any room where it is installed.

Double Pane Awning

Our double pane awning windows are an ideal choice for above sinks, counters, or doors because they are easily opened and closed with a rotating operator handle.

Aluminum Window Awnings

If you want an awning window that can withstand the deteriorating effects of external or environmental elements, we can install aluminum window awnings for you. When the weather in New Orleans has high winds, extreme winds, rain, snow, and excessive heat, this type of awning window is your best choice. They are resistant to bowing, warping, or stretching.

Retractable Awning Window

We install retractable awning windows in New Orleans that are durable and made with corrosion-resistant properties. They are designed for sun, UV, glare, heat protection, and light wind and rain.

If you need replacement windows or new windows for your property, awning windows are a great choice. Our New Orleans window replacement services in residential and commercial properties include all types of awning windows with the best quality casement and glass products.

Why Choose Big Easy Windows For Your Replacement & Installation Services For Awning Windows?

We provide the right solution for your property in New Orleans with top-quality awning window replacement and installation services. We provide a lifetime guarantee that reflects our first-class installation and after-care services.

Our window designers will help you customize your window awning through our modern window design tool. You can use the tool to explore options to choose the best design that suits your style and the design of your residential or commercial space.

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