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Weatherproof Your Windows and Doors in New Orleans, Louisiana

Do you live in an area prone to hurricanes? Are you interested in taking the necessary measures to protect your home from extreme weather conditions?

There are several precautions homeowners can take to make their homes more resilient in the event of a hurricane. In addition to storm shutters and other safeguards, one of the most important changes that many homeowners make is to replace their existing windows and doors with hurricane-resistant products.

Windows and doors play a vital role in keeping a house secure, especially when dangerous storms strike. Hurricane-resistant products are much more likely to remain intact through damaging winds, flying debris, and heavy rains than traditional windows or doors. Big Easy Windows will help you explore the features of hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors, as well as discuss what homeowners should look for before investing in this type of protection.

What are Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors?

Hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors are special types of windows and doors that are designed to resist damage and destruction caused by strong winds, heavy rain, and other impacts associated with a hurricane.

These products are tested to withstand wind speeds up to 110 MPH or 175 km/h. The windows and doors feature multi-layer laminated glass that is combined with impact-resistant frames which provide additional strength and durability.

These types of windows and doors typically feature materials such as impact-resistant glass, or reinforced frames for maximum protection. In addition, high-quality seals are used to keep out the water during a storm. By selecting hurricane-impact-resistant windows and doors, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their homes will withstand the fury of a hurricane.

Different Types of Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

New Orleans is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes due to its location in the Gulf Coast and its close proximity to the ocean. This means that choosing hurricane-resistant windows and doors is essential for protecting homes and businesses in the area.

  • Laminated Glass

Window Inspection - Big Easy WindowsLaminated glass is a type of hurricane-impact-resistant window and door typically used in New Orleans. This material consists of two layers of glass with a sheet of an interlayer between them.

  • Storm Windows

Storm windows provide an additional layer of protection against the wind, rain, and objects that can be hurled into the window. Many storm windows are made with tempered glass and heavy-duty frames that protect against forced entry from outside sources.

  • Impact Resistant Glass

This type of glass is designed to withstand the high winds associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. The glass itself is incredibly strong, and it may be laminated for added strength and durability during a hurricane.

  • Steel Replacements

Steel is much stronger than traditional building materials such as wood and is able to withstand high wind speeds without deforming or warping. In addition to being more durable, steel-framed windows and doors come with added security benefits because of their solid construction.

  • Roll Shutter Systems

This system provides the highest level of protection against the wind- and storm-carried debris, reaching Force 8, which is equal to 238 mph. Roll shutter systems feature an incorporated track that provides quick vertical rolling and a heavy gauge aluminum framework with PVC infill panels.

Advantages of Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

  • Safeguard personal items, valuables, and the entire home during a hurricane

These windows and doors are designed to withstand heavy winds, flying debris, and storm surges. For example, they are built with strong materials such as aluminum or vinyl frames and shatter-proof glass that prevents breaking.

  • Reduce the amount of damage to your home from wind and rain

They are constructed with strong exterior materials, capable of withstanding higher wind pressures than traditional windows and doors, as well as heavy rainfalls which can cause flooding.

Improve energy efficiency by reducing air leakage in and out of the home
This can aid in lowering cooling costs, as homes with well-sealed windows and doors do not require as much internal air conditioning to maintain comfortable temperatures.

  • Can reduce insurance premiums because they provide added protection against windstorms

These features provide added defense against powerful windstorms, reducing the possibility of structural damage, water damage, and the costs associated with repairs.

Cost of Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Window installation - Big Easy WindowsHurricane impact-resistant windows and doors are much more expensive than regular windows and doors. Depending on the size and type of windows or doors, costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the initial cost is higher, these hurricane impact-resistant products will increase the long-term value of your property because they protect against strong winds and flying debris during storms.

They also provide energy efficiency benefits by keeping hot or cold air out, so you can reduce your energy bills over time. Finally, many insurance companies offer discounts for installing hurricane-impact-resistant windows and doors, which further reduces your upfront cost.

Fortify Your New Orleans Home’s Windows and Doors With Services From Big Easy Windows

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