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Are you considering installing double-hung windows for their energy efficiency and ability to let fresh air into the house but have no idea about the different design options?

Double-hung windows are versatile, and every style of home decor can benefit from their classic look. Before settling on a final choice, it’s important to explore all the different design options to match your desired aesthetic.

When shopping for double-hung windows, there are dozens of options available in terms of styles, sizes, and materials. From minimalistic glass designs to intricately detailed arched elements, they can bring life and character to any room without compromising on functionality. At Big Easy Windows, we discuss the top design and style options for double-hung windows, allowing you to pick one that speaks your interior decor language.

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are traditional-style windows that feature two sashes, or frames. A bottom and a top frame, which both open and close to let air in from both sides of the window. Both sashes can slide up and down, allowing for maximum airflow through the window.

Double-hung windows provide more ventilation options than single-hung windows, as both sashes can be opened to allow more airflow than just one side.

They typically come with locks built into the center of each frame, which allows you to securely lock the window when closed. These windows can be made in any size or shape and are considered one of the most traditional styles of windows today.

How Much Do Double Hung Windows Usually Cost?

The cost of a double-hung window can vary greatly depending on the size, material, and other features of the window. On average, the cost of a standard-sized aluminum-clad double-hung window can range anywhere from $200 to $600 per window, including installation.

Vinyl frames are typically more affordable than aluminum frames and can range in cost from $150-$400 per window plus installation.

Costs of other materials such as wood can also be more expensive but offer more options when it comes to color, finishes, and trim work.

Styles and Design Options for Double Hung Windows

Having double-hung windows in a home can give it an old-time charm and a contemporary look. There are different styles and design options to suit any home decor or budget. For instance, traditional wood or composite frames along with decorative hardware will provide a classic and timeless look, while grille patterns can add character to the interior or exterior of the building.


classic double hung windowDouble-hung windows are a classic architectural element that adds traditional elegance to any room. They feature two sashes that can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top, allowing for plenty of ventilation and a larger viewing area. Double-hung windows come in many design options, including wood and vinyl frames, different pane and framing shapes, ornate details, and energy-efficient features.


Ranch-style double-hung windows come in various designs, sizes, and materials. For example, aluminum double-hung windows offer the strength of aluminum for extra protection from wind and rain; wood double-hung windows are available in several styles such as colonial or casement.


Craftsman-style double-hung windows offer a classic aesthetic that works well in both traditional and modern homes. They feature two sashes, with both the bottom and top of the window being able to open and close separately. The frames are typically wide, deep, and symmetrical, adding sophistication to any space. Typically featuring a single mute step above each pane of glass, this look is perfect for those wanting to create an understated but inviting interior.


double hung window styleContemporary double-hung windows combine traditional features such as multiple panes, and a movable bottom sash with modern elements such as sleek frame designs and energy-efficient glass. Contemporary double-hung window styles and design options provide a bright, airy atmosphere by allowing natural light in, and providing good insulation with air-tight seals between the window panes.

Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival is a popular style for double-hung windows. It has classic, symmetrical lines and decorative shutters that add to the charm of any home’s interior or exterior. Colonial Revival double hung windows usually have transoms and side lights in an array of sizes and shapes to achieve various designs.

How Do I Make My Double Hug Windows Last Longer?

To make your double-hung windows last longer, regular maintenance is key. Be sure to check locks and latches to ensure they work properly and that all weather stripping around the frame is in good condition.

Also, inspect the woodwork surrounding the window for areas of rot or decay and repair as necessary. Clean any dirt or debris from moving parts—especially on the lower sash—and lubricate them with a high-quality sealant to keep them working optimally.

It’s also important to inspect glass panes for leakage or any other damage; repairing these promptly will help ensure the longevity of your window investment.

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