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Difference Between Single and Double-Hung Windows

Are you an aspiring homeowner in New Orleans debating between single and double-hung windows? How do you know which one is best for you?

Single or double-hung windows are a popular choice when building a new house. They provide excellent ventilation and light control, so understanding the differences between each type is important when making your decision.

Choosing between single and double-hung windows can be difficult, but knowing more about the benefits of each can help make your decision easier. Big Easy Windows will help you look at the key differences between single and double-hung windows in New Orleans, so you can determine which one is right for your home.

Single-Hung Window

Key Characteristics of A Single-Hung Type Window

Single-hung windows are the most basic type of window. These windows have a single sash that slides up and down vertically. The sash can be opened from the bottom, allowing air to flow through the window while keeping the top part closed. This is an ideal choice for those who want to control their ventilation and light levels without having to open both parts of the window.

The single-hung window is also easy to maintain since only one side needs to be cleaned or repaired at a time. Additionally, this type of window generally has a lower price point than double-hung windows, making it more cost-effective for homeowners on a budget.

Double-Hung Window

Key Characteristics of A Double-Hung Type Window

House Interior with Double Hung WindowsDouble-hung windows are a more versatile type of window than single-hung. These windows have two sashes that open and close vertically, allowing for greater control over ventilation and light levels. Both sashes can be opened from the top or bottom, which makes it easy to adjust the amount of air coming in and out of the room.

In addition, double-hung windows offer more security as both sashes are locked at once. This means that intruders will not be able to gain access to your home through an unlocked window. Double-hung windows also tend to be more durable than single-hung since they require less maintenance over time due to their dual mechanisms.

Cost Difference Between Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows?

The cost of single- and double-hung windows can vary depending on the size and materials used. Generally, single-hung windows are more affordable than double-hung since they require fewer components and are easier to install. On the other hand, double-hung windows may be more expensive due to their dual mechanisms and additional materials required.

In addition, some double-hung windows may offer extra features such as tilt-in sashes or low e-coatings which can increase the overall cost of the window. It’s important to consider your budget when deciding between single and double-hung windows in New Orleans.

Where to Use Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

When choosing between single and double-hung windows in New Orleans, it is important to consider where the windows will be used.

Single-hung windows are ideal for rooms that need minimal ventilation, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Their lower price point also makes them a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

Double-hung windows are better suited for larger spaces such as living rooms or kitchens, as they provide more control over airflow and light levels. Also, their dual mechanisms offer greater security which is beneficial when installing windows in areas that are more exposed to potential intruders.

Understanding your needs and budget will help determine which type of window is best for your home.

Factors to Consider when choosing between Single-Hung or Double-Hung Window

Maintenance and Cleaning

House with Single Hung WindowsFrequent window cleaning has many advantages. Cleaning a single-hung or double-hung window from inside the abode is hassle-free — simply apply vinegar and water detergent to the glass, then wipe clean with either a microfiber or lint-free rag. Use water to clean the frame, fixtures, and trim around them.

Pella wood and vinyl single-hung windows can be opened in such a way that the lower sash shifts inward for effortless access to cleanse its exterior. To clear off the top pane of a single-hung window, you will have to step outside and do it manually. Keep in mind that tilt functionality cannot be found on Pella’s fiberglass single-hung windows.

However, both casements of double-hung windows have tilt latches, so you can clear away all sides of the window while indoors. Because they offer privacy while allowing air and light through, double-hung windows are commonly installed on upper levels of houses—you can now tidy both window sides without needing to go outside!

Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they also provide heightened security, which is great if your house is situated in an unsafe area. In the end, focusing on your needs and budget will help ascertain which type of window is ideal for your home.


Both one-hung and two-hung windows are equipped to offer ample ventilation in the house. The most notable differential regarding air circulation deals with which frames can be opened and shut.

With a two-hung window, either the top frame or lower frame (or both) can be shifted to allow air to go in and out of your home. On a single-hung window, only the bottom sash goes up to allow airflow. The upper sash is immobile and does not open.


Both window types are designed with energy conservation taken into account, however, the frame material provides an extra energy-saving benefit.

Vinyl and fiberglass windows come with multi-layered frames that can restrict and slow the heat’s flow of movement. Consequently, this will make your residence warm in the winter months and cool throughout the summertime.

You may obtain optional insulating foam for your Fiberglass single-hung and double-hung windows to preserve comfortable temperatures in your home all year long. Wood single and double-hung windows, made from an organic thermal insulator, help to augment your house’s efficiency as well.

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