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Discover the Many Benefits of Installing Awning Windows in Your Home

Are you looking for a unique way to add aesthetics and improve energy efficiency in your home? Awning windows are the answer.

Awning windows are increasingly being used instead of traditional casement windows due to their modern design and versatility. They’re more aesthetically pleasing than most other window types, thanks to the fact that they can be opened from the top or bottom. They also provide excellent ventilation without letting in too much outside noise.

Aside from these cosmetic advantages, awning windows offer several advantages in terms of energy efficiency and insulation value. Here’s why you should consider installing awning windows from Big Easy Windows in your home.

What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are a type of window style that feature hinges along the top and open outward. They are an ideal choice for areas where an outward opening window would be beneficial such as over porches, decks, walkways, or doorways.

Awning windows can open as wide as 45 degrees so they also provide excellent ventilation to a room compared to other styles. Furthermore, when closed, their low-profile shape makes them more weather-resistant than other window styles which means your temperate can be better controlled in those areas.

What Are the Benefits of Awning Windows?

Awning windows are one of the popular styles of window available today. They provide increased airflow, while also offering more security and weather protection compared to other window types.

Of all the advantages that come with awning windows, people like them the most for their ability to remain open even during inclement weather due to their angled frame. Additionally, they often don’t take up as much space as other window styles and offer a classic look.

Therefore, they are perfect for homes seeking an elegant design but limited space. Lastly, they often come with adjustable air vents to prevent drafts and keep your home cozy in any season.

Pros of Awning Windows

awning window

  • They Provide Ventilation, Cooling Down a Room on Hot Days: Awning windows are extremely versatile and can be ideal for homes in need of extra ventilation. They can be opened during the day to cool down a room without letting in bugs, as they are mainly placed up high.
  • Allow for Easy Installation and Removal for Cleaning: Awning windows are a popular choice for many homeowners because of their ability to let an abundance of natural light into a room without compromising on the feeling of safety and privacy. Additionally, they offer a unique look and style.
  • Can Be a Great Security Feature if Combined With Locks: Depending on the layout of your home, awnings can be easily combined with other window styles to create unique looks as well. Plus, they come in both manual and easy-to-use motorized options making them even more attractive.

Cons of Awning Windows

  • They Require an Additional Space Outside the Window for Them to Open: Even during inclement weather, they allow air to flow freely into the room with minimal wind noise or moisture exposure.
  • The Cost of Installation Is More Than That of Other Types of Windows: Installation of an awning window can be more complicated than other types, which may result in higher installation costs. Additionally, some types of these windows have strings or levers that could potentially be pulled by small children if not properly secured.
  • Due to Their Design, They Are Not as Secure as Other Types of Windows: It’s important to keep an eye on them while they’re open and make sure any furniture in the room is placed away from them to prevent anyone from using them to gain access and help themselves to whatever’s inside your home.

Why Are Awning Windows a Good Choice for Homes?

Awning windows are a popular choice for many homes, offering security, air circulation, and modern appeal. Awning windows tilt open from the bottom outward to offer ventilation without letting in too much moisture or rain. They also provide a great option for an extra layer of security as they can be locked from the inside, even when open slightly.

Are Awning Windows Energy Efficient?

Awning windows are an energy-efficient option for your home. As with other types of windows, their efficiency depends on the materials and features. Using double or triple glazing and low-emittance features can reduce air movement, making them Energy Star-certified in all climate zones.

Are Awning Windows Right For Your Home?

Awning windows are a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy natural sunlight while also protecting their home from weather elements. These versatile windows open outward, making them an ideal option for humid climates where many other styles of window may not suit well.

Awning windows are convenient and easy to use due to their distinctive crank-out mechanism that takes no effort to open and close. With air circulation offered even when the window is shut, this style of window provides the perfect balance between warmth, light, and ventilation. A bonus is that these unique windows add a touch of character to any home!

New Orleans Top-Rated Awning Windows For Your Home

Awning windows from Big Easy Windows offer benefits such as improved ventilation, sound insulation, energy efficiency, and weather protection. Plus, they can be incorporated into almost any style of architecture.

It is also a great option for those looking to boost their home’s curb appeal. They provide natural light, create extra space and ventilation, and can add a unique aesthetic to any room in your home. Plus, they help keep energy bills down with their excellent insulation.

Imagine how much more beautiful your home will look with these stylish new windows. And you’ll love how much money you save on your energy bill! Contact us today to learn more about our awning window installation services for local New Orleans residents!

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